What it means to be a Seoul Nat’l University graduate

I had this vague idea that being an SNU graduate meant succeeding. Fearlessly. An endless open road right after graduation straight into the most outstanding (not to mention lucrative) job. To explain very briefly where this idea comes from, most, if not all, SNU students enter college as a result of repeated successes throughout their academic life. … Continue reading What it means to be a Seoul Nat’l University graduate

Korea Day 27

I have seen all types of kindly translated bathroom posters in Korea, but this one made me smile the most. Take a close look at the emoticons. I love how they translated the emoticons into their own proper language context along with the words. When writing in Korean, they used a crying emoticon (ㅠ0ㅠ), whereas when … Continue reading Korea Day 27

Korea Day 25

For the very first time in my life, I regret not being like everybody else. I had grown up happy to be the unique and proud to be different. Inwardly, I struggled with the loneliness that comes from my rootlessness, but outwardly, I was an advocate of having a global mind and being a global … Continue reading Korea Day 25

Korea Day 24

Three days ago, I had the sudden realization that I wanted to be the role model of 100 people by the age of fifty.  This morning, however, I look back and think: Scratch that. That’s not good enough. My new dream is to have 100 role models and mentors in my life.  Continue reading Korea Day 24

At the cemetery

“Aigo…” the lamentations of an old woman behind me were continuous. “But Grandma, you didn’t like Grandpa at all,” said a little girl next to her. The old woman stopped but the girl continued. “You were always telling him that he drank too much.” “Yes, I did say that…” It seemed like the old woman wasn’t … Continue reading At the cemetery